ohio- it's the birthplace of aviation, you know.

72 hours, start to finish. 4 flights. 1 iPad (which elle mastered in 20 minutes). 1 dinner w/ me staring at 2 people w/ glowing faces as they played with iGadgets. 4 presents to entertain a 2-year-old during 18 hours of travel. 2 bus rides. 1 prius from colorado (what?). 1 mall choo-choo train. 3 different overnight accomodations for each of our 3 nights away. pizza for 3 meals/day. cookies non-stop. a lot of "pat pat pat pat pat... blastoff! shake your whole body!" (see: little einsteins.) 39 hours straight w/ no sleep thanks to an insanely stubborn kid. speaking of stubborn- anyone else's child refuse to bathe? what kid hates baths? anyway, back to the list: panera hot cocoa + other delish ohio-only food; 1 crazy puppy named annie who loved to lick elle. an elle who received a dress which she refused to take off for an entire day. oh, and lots & lots & lots of stops to see family- a great family. whom we love. they are why we went. we loved all our time w/ them. it was a great long, fast, weekend in ohio.

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