life lately. including the fact that i'm another year older.

i'm now 27. what? what?
my sweet coworkers decked out my desk, and elle was the lovely recipient of my bday balloons (& another little gift or two)! she has a love affair w/ balloons, so naturally, she was elated.; i've been working more this month, and it's exhausting. i adooore my job, but it's been really hard. elle is having a tough time w/ me being gone. as am i. i am extremely thankful for the insane views i catch out of the windows before i leave for the day (the lights are one plus to it being dark at 5!).
my birthday fell on sunday, so we made a weekend affair out of it! my sweet mother-in-law gave me a gift card to cheesecake factory, so we jetted there friday night. we also had a lovely family dinner w/ my parents on monday. elle sang "happy birthday" the whole way home. love.
santa @ our ward party on saturday; mikey's work had a family party where they rented out a theater at gateway to see "happy feet 2." elle danced in the aisles. it was so darn funny! all was well until she drank 16 oz. of apple juice, and we ended up covered in poo. can someone tell me how the movie ends? (and yes, those are the chipmunks. totally unrelated to penguins, although they were very enticing to her. before jetting home, we stopped to pose.); elle is a fan of this fall fruit. she hoards cuties & pomegranate seeds.

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  1. Being a working mom is dang hard. I'm thankful for my job where I only work 3 12-hour nights instead of 5 days a week, but both stink right? It's hard. I'm right there with ya.


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