a date! a daaate!

mike's mom (& moe) hosted a "grandkid sleepover" at a hotel just after christmas.
what? brave woman, huh?
there were 9 kids. NINE!
she was even brave enough to take the nocturnal tank we call elle.
AH! imagine that!
we waffled- what do we do? go home? get a hotel in logan? the hotel in logan won.
logan! our old stomping grounds. where we met. fell in looooooove. spend our first years of wedded bliss (???).
we stayed at the university inn on campus- it was cheap, and campus was like a ghost town! the little room felt like the room on a cruise ship- it had one tiny window. in an insanely awkward part of the room i must admit. it did have a good view, however. and we had free breakfast in the morning! i'm slightly sure we were the only guests that night?  
elle practically lept from the car when we arrived. she screamed, "tusins!!" (cousins.) they swam & ate pizza & played. i think they even slept a bit!? maybe.

we went to dinner at mandarin garden (shocker). walked around the fantastic logan mall (bah!). drove around to see our old houses, the temple, and main street. we always go to edgehill where we met (we were next door neighbors. our beds shared a wall. precious, huh?). we sound like an old couple as we talk of "those days." we walked around for about 8 minutes until we froze our bee-hinds off. went back indoors. cleaned my wedding ring. shared a malt at charlie's. oh, and we went to a cheap movie- "in time." we almost fell asleep before it started (hello, it was like... 7:45, and it was dark. we were sooo tired! told you we are old people these days). good movie though!
such a great little night away!

thank you pam & moe!

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