christmas day 2011.

here is how our merry day played out:
  • we woke (not too early- yay!) & elle opened a few presents before church
  • at church, elle sang a lovely rendition of "happy birthday" to Jesus during the opening song, followed by yelling for all to hear, "is Jesus birthday!... i pee pee on the tiny potty!" (man, she loves that tiny nursery bathroom.) 
  • we went home, put pj's back on, and opened the remaining presents
  • nap for elle
  • breakfast for dinner at my parents & stockings. smiling for pictures was not on her priority list... (neither was checking my ISO setting- HELLO bad resolution image below!)
elle delighted in the simplicity of christmas- i think she was just the perfect age! we didn't get her anything big, fancy, or special. just a small handful of presents covered in shiny paper. she was so happy!
we got her a $10 shopping cart and she proceeded to shop all over our house.
costco was in the kitchen, and walmart was in our bedroom.

mike & i didn't do presents for each other (we never do- we call our trips "presents"), so our attention was 100% on elle belle.
so. fun.
my parents. oh, i love them!
my mom cracks me up (and mike! see?).
she kills me, really!
our stockings this year included some very helpful items, should a natural disaster occur.
i.e.: thyroid pills!
mom, i love you. never stop your practicality. one day, the world will end, and we'll have you to thank for our survival!
also note below, my mom's gift to herself: a new "special" scrubber.
joy is in the simplicity, right?
you may recall my love for frrrozen hot chocolates- score! i have mix! we made a batch and as we drank we realzied the glass blender had broken...
crushed ice sure resembles the feel of broken glass in one's mouth.
elle helped my dad pass out stocking presents.
elle scored on this sweet mcdonald's set.
it calls out, "welcome to mcdonalds! can i take your order?" elle yelled back, "hi! i want one... sticker please!"
not sure they sell stickers at mcdonalds.
this helicopter was from mike's dad- mike was uber excited. all the families got one (although the men seem to have claimed them). we stole batteries from my parents and flew it around on christmas day.
knowing that i'm insanely accident prone, i begged all to stay away from me.
many times.
"keep it away from me! i'm serious!" i snapped...
well, i stood up from loading my purse, just as the helicopter crashed... into my mouth. INto my mouth. tongue, lips, cheek. swollen & tingley.
"amanda! i don't know how it got to you so fast! i wasn't even near you!"
note welts below.
i know. it's like some freaky magnetic pull i have.
i attract diasters.
the next morning my tone was more serious, "mike, if you hit me, i will throw that over the balcony to it's death."
"amanda, stop being paranoid. i'm not going to hit you."
5 minutes later? helicopter straight into the back of my head.
near diaster unrelated to the helicopter:
shortly after dinner i threw elle's bib onto the table.
right over the candles.
engulfed it in flames.
didn't see those burning there. er... uh..
good thing it was a plastic bib, otherwise, i'm pretty sure the house would have burned down. :)
sorry mom & dad for making your house smell like melting plastic.

ahem, i hope your christmases were merry & bright!
(and accident free.)


  1. You are so funny...
    I love the pics of your mom and dad.
    I miss them. Give them my love.

  2. Ooooo I love your sweater. It's so pretty and your card holder! Where is that from and what is it made from?

  3. thanks dorthea! it's metal- we have it up all year but it's super practical at christmas-time:) friends of ours lived by a metal die cutting co., and they salvaged this piece for us.

  4. You have such a precious family. And all your photos radiant utter joy. Hope you've got great plans for ringing in the new year. Happy 2012!


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