family date: the lights on temple square.

I’ve repeatedly professed my insane love for long weekends.
I mean, more-so than the average adult.
This one did not disappoint!
We spent Saturday night on an official “family date-” dinner & walking around Temple Square to look at the lights. It was frigid out, but man oh man, we had a great time.
This year Elle was old enough we could bribe her to stay confined to her stroller. Last year was madness, remember? Her staying put was a blessing in more ways than one- there were literally so many people we were just herded along like cattle. Just following the crowd, baby. It was packed! Forget stopping to take pictures. All 15 I have were shot with my mitten-ed finger, and the camera loosely pointed in a general direction.
Ah, close enough.

1 comment:

  1. These pictures are GORGEOUS!

    You just ooze talent and class.


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