that's what's up.

i remember elle's birthday...
that was on october 1st.
i'm looking at my computer screen and it's telling me today is the 10th.
i'm not sure what's happened in the last 9 days?
that was delightful! 
oh yes! elle forgets that saturdays are the only day we can sleep in.
this past saturday she woke up long before the sun. we let her roam the house. the result was a twister, auntie em! 
i think i passed out... i woke up with my head off the bed (so attractive, i'm sure). elle was fishing in my end table drawer. her eyes got big as if to say, "shoot, i'm busted." i sat upright and a moment later, my 2 faves entered the room with this ^ 
it's not often that i'm the last one up. i actually think that was the first time in history that has happened?
 oh yes! yesterday felt like fall, not winter, and we rode our bikes to feed the horses!
elle was happy as a clam.
oh yes! elle made it through all of church yesterday without a meltdown! nursery included- suh-weet!
 oh yes! we've seen a surge of fall-ish fruit. elle love it all. apples, nectarines, berries, peaches, bananas... she only eats the top half (see photo). she won't turn fruit... it's strange. and humorous. and somewhat wasteful.
thank goodness for iPhone photos. 
so easy. so thorough.

it's been a crazy couple of weeks. we are happy & healthy. we can't complain. life is good. fall is here. we are thinking lots about tender mercies & the miracles that are around. we are just so small! so small, but so blessed. thinking & praying lots for those around us whose days aren't so pleasant. thankful for a heavenly father who loves us.

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