"mommy, wow! i'm a big kid now!" (it's a catchy tune, eh?)

 Like a pillar of glorious light from the heavens- Elle is, like, potty trained. Kind of. I mean, she's almost there? I don’t know what it means to be entirely potty trained… Her bum falls through a public toilet, not to mention most have automatic flushers (MAN those things kill a child’s motivation). And seeing as though she pees massive amounts during slumber, she wears diapers at night and during naps… ALAS, while at (a) home with a potty seat atop a toilet, she will pee. And ask to pee. It’s so darn cute. Who knew pee could be so darn cute? If only dating Mike & Mandy could have seen ahead to the screams, songs, and dances married Mike & Mandy would perform for a peeing 2-year-old.

Well, bring on the pull-ups! It only took one ridiculously awkward visit to Nordstrom when I realized why pull-ups were invented. In 9 layers, Elle was shouting, “Mama! I pee-pee!!!” I couldn’t take her boots, leggings, and dress off/up/down fast enough… Pull-ups. Genius.

Today, the pull-ups have functioned more-so as skates. 


  1. you are amazing. She is barely 2 and potty trained. Luke is definitely not ready for that yet.

    Yay for pullups. Oh and adorable pictures (as usual)!

  2. Congratulations are in order!

  3. Okay - now, I HATE touching public toilets, BUT... I have learned that if you cover up the sensor with your hands on those terrible self flushing toilets, they usually don't flush while your child is sitting on them. I have had more than one child go flying off one of those toilets mid mid-pee, and I'd much rather wash some germs off my hand than pee off of the floor! :) Makes public potty training so much easier!

    Congratulations to Elle! Such a wonderful, wonderful step in life.


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