"i twoooo!"

as soon as we heard that elle was awake, we moved her little pile of presents to the middle of the living room floor, and we went running, screaming into her room: "it's saturday! it's saturday! what does that mean?" 
"i twooooo!! i twoooooooooooooooo!"
she bolted out of her room & squeeled as she realized it was time to tear through the wrapping paper.
all this hoop-la made her little face light up!
it was SO much fun.
 we had a little breakfast, complete with a little "L" pancake + candle to blow out.
 we did a little shopping ("maaallllll!")...
...and decided to make a pit stop at build-a-bear...
 in case anyone is wondering, 2 was too young. she was pretty keen on the idea, until they actually started stuffing the bear. then she was done. but we couldn't just leave then.
alas, below is elle. happy as a clam.
or... not.
bear's birth certificate reads, "fd" because that is what elle slammed on the keyboard before accidentally hitting "print." hooray!
"i go home! i night!"

later on we met some family at red robin & had a little b-day dinner! 
elle was delighted to receive more presents!
the entire weekend was so much fun! this was such an awesome year to celebrate- elle was just eating up all the attention. we sang to her at least 100 times and she adored each moment! 
the tricky part of her birthday is that it fell (& will always fall) on general conference weekend. we were only able to attend 1 session (sunday morning. incredible. favorite? sister dalton's talk... & it's not just because i'm being partial). we enjoyed the other 3 session at home (what did we do before dvr's?).
it is always an insanely busy time of year, but so so wonderful.

happy birthday, sweet elle!

thanks to all our family & friends who made her day even more magical!

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  1. What's a two year old's birthday without a tiny melt down in the middle of the day right? :) Happy birthday sweet girl!


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