saturday play-by-play.

judging by facebook statuses... college football started? yes?
i love me some football.
not really.
anyway, in the spirit of sports, let's do a saturday play-by-play!

we went to tremonton for mike's nephew, dilon's baptism!
elle was delighted upon arrival:
 isn't dilon a handsome little man? he's the second from the left:
 back at mel & nate's for some bbq. there are a lot of boys. a lot. see? boys. lots. here are some:
 boys are sturdy:
elle is a lady. and kind of a pansy. she gets that from me. she's cute though! i'll claim that too for now:
oh, the train. the train? hit it out of the park (wrong sport, but they're all the same in my book):
 it's all fun & games until the last shot on my camera... you can guess... the nanoseconds following this weren't as great as the rest of the day. NO instant replay needed. this child has almost broken her neck more times than i as a mom want to recolect:
game over.

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