oh, & i did this...

i've donated my hair twice before.
that's my incentive to let my hair keep growing...
this time? it took 7 years to grow long.
i adore long hair- i think it's just so lovely! but it never seems as perfect on me. shoot.
last time it was long, mikey & i didn't know the other existed...
it was a lot harder this time.
i feel like i'm getting old & my face is falling down.
i went back & forth between,
"this long hair is making me look worse! WAIT! what if i cut it and it looks worse-worse? then i have to wait another 7 years to recover!"
the annoyance of long hair won, and in i marched in to a new hair lady.
i drove with all the windows down & sunroof open, hair blowing all over the place.
that's one of my favorite things in the whole world- sunshine, windows down, & music? love.
i laughed to myself when i went to get out of the car, and realized i'd closed my hair in my sunroof (irony).
this time i only donated 8".
8" was plenty.
it's shorter than i wanted... but it'll grow back.
now that it's said and done, i'm happy!
i think it's a mini adrenaline rush.
that's about as daring as i get.
i'm afraid my face is still falling, but my mom did say i looked younger.
i'll take what i can get!


  1. You're my hero. And you look amazing :) Love the short hair!

  2. you look amazing. but who are we kidding, you would look amazing with a buzz cut. you are gorgeous, my dear.

  3. I have NEVER grown my hair out long -- it is now my goal to grow it out and donate it! You look fabulous, as always!!!

  4. You're a babe no matter what hair style!! You rock any look Amanda!

  5. Your hair looks so great! I always envied it long but it looks fabulous short as well! Good job on the donating thing as well!

  6. You look amazing! Just for the record though, your long hair was lovely! Like, I thought of it all the time when I was standing in front of the mirror doing MY hair and wanting it to grow out like yours. So don't say you can't pull off the long hair. I love it short though! You look so gorgeous! It's so fun to cut your hair huh! It really is a rush. I'm sure I'll be doing it within the next 2 years.

  7. I love that you donated your hair too! LOOK AT US!!!! hehe ;) Honestly Amanda, you look good in ANY haircut and ANY outfit! Simply beautiful you are!!! ;)


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