i, have a toddler.

i know it's a common statement here,
but this kid? 1) she's a hoot.
2) she's almost 2.
those two things i know for sure.
this morning it was... cool outside.
not smothering, sticky, or bright.
it was... cool.
i got chills.
chills not because it was cold... but because i realized fall is coming.
elle's 2nd birthday?
it's just weeks away.
summer- our summer- is dwindling.
labor day? it's the day after tomorrow!
a man at our clubhouse was looking back & forth between elle & i as we carried on a somewhat usual chatter: "ELLE! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU HAD TO GO PEE PEE?"
she smiles at me, "potty!!!!! mama potty!"
"elle! it's too late! you tell me BEFORE you go pee!"
for the hundredth time she was naked for hours in our house. i follow her like a hound. "elle, do you have to pee?" "NO MOM!" this goes on & on & on...
finally, i'm sick of pestering, and i'm really for the pool.
the instant i put her in a swim diaper and in her stroller, i see "the puddle..."
she's peed. again. not in a toilet.

anyway, the man in the clubhouse smiled at my loud tone & talk of urine.
(amanda- you're in public. filter yourself!)
he snickered, "she's 2, huh?"
"just about! how'd you know?"
"i have 2 year old twins. good luck."

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