weekend roundup.

friday night elle hung out with her best buddy, boedi! these two crack me up. they are great little buddies. who happen to hold hands wherever they go:) while cort & kristen were on a date, mikey & i lived a few hours with "twins." how do parents of multiples do it? they were both really good, but two 2-year-olds at a park is pure insanity! boedi was a stud & let me take a million pictures. elle is catching on to my game and runs away screaming, "nooooooooooooo!!" whenever she sees my camera.
here's the dynamic duo post-splash pad, mid-craziness (do you like their matching war cries? "woooo!!!!")...
saturday was the annual "vernie pete tee party" in tremonton. this year, mike's awesome sisters watched elle so i could golf with mike! mike, his dad, brother-in-law (nate), plus dilon (he's 8) kicked my butt. i know, surprise, right? well... there was ONE exception of the day... read on, you'll be so super impressed...
no joke, mike even said, "amanda. that was so good, it's blog-worthy!"
hole #1: from (what mike said was) 25 to 30 yards away, i hit the ball right into the hole! hello, birdie! i have to say before my magic shot, i literally swung and missed HITTING the ball. i don't aim. my goal? to actually make contact with the ball+club. so when i nailed this one, i screamed and jumped so loud that the other golfers on the other holes even turned to clap! they were probably just trying to shut me up. such bad golf etiquette, i know. go amanda!
after golf we picnic'd at marble park. the only park i've ever seen with animal heads on the wall, one of the worlds largest collections of barbed wire, and playground "toys" made of rusty, razor sharp, old metal. YAY! elle loved it:)


  1. um.... love it! Almost as much as we love you for watching him last weekend! Your the best! I love that cheesy little face in the first photo :)

  2. send me your shoes.... k, thanks!


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