a surprise party! kind of.

i planned a birthday surprise pool party for saturday at our clubhouse- and it stayed an actual surprise until i broke the news a few hours before (he hates "real" surprises)! score. i love it when plans aren't foiled!
 most of mike's family was able to make it down, as were our favorite neighbors the crandalls, and my parents!... who, might i add, pretty much saved the day. my mom should be an event planner for a living. she made 4 giant homemade pizzas, my dad made his famous berry lemonade, and i made too-liquidy boston cream cupcakes (go, me!). it was a gorgeously hot day. perfect, with the exception of poor kenzie who was stung by a bee on her neck 19 nanoseceonds after they arrived. stupid bees! sorry, kenzie.
thanks to everyone for being so supportive of mike getting older:)
thank you all for making the long trek.
we had a blast!
happy 29th, babe!

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  1. So Fun!! I love the pic of you and elle and your mom. I assume it's your mom, you totally look alike! And the last one with Mike carrying everything including elle. You guys are too cute!


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