cherry hill birthday.

i may have had more fun than mike on his birthday.
the morning was insanity. so busy. i zoomed downtown...
birthday boy got off at noon (HELLO, AWESOME), and while elle napped at my parents, we went to a (drumroll...) MOVIE! "crazy, stupid, love." oh, i love movies. oh, i miss movies!
it was like, a real date! so much fun.
so fun.
later we went to cherry hill w/ my parents for some fun in the (hot) sun!
elle was in looove with the lazy river.
we all laughed & played.
my dad "runs" (is that right?) their summer concerts each weekend, all summer long, so they know their way around that place!
we all had some greasy park dinner & finished off the night with a trip to sports authority (clearly, my fun ended there. but i guess it was his birthday after all...)
happy 29th my lovey!

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  1. I miss movies more than anything else! haha. Rob and I used to see everything in the theater and it's just not realistic anymore. I'm with ya!


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