anniversary festivities & an office party!

 my, how life changes in 6 years!
from my office on temple square, i did steal a glipse at the other brides who stood where we were years before.
at the precise time, mike & i remembered to send each other a quick email: "it's 4:20! our official wedding time!"
otherwise? it was a thoroughly unromantic day!
unromantic, but really fun!
after work we stoped to get our "check engine" light fixed.
ate frosted flakes for dinner.
spent time at the pool w/ friends.
and had some DVR time (man, that thing is getting full these days!)...
 backtracking now, i had a great day at work!
i work with the best women!
below: elizabeth, jamie, kristen & melissa
cute jamie is having a little girl in the coming weeks, and is also moving away!
i helped to plan her shower/going away party- it was also the last day for our Young Women presidency & board lunch before their "summer break," so we combined our lunch and this party for jamie. whew! it was NUTS!
even though she was in the YW Office less than a year, she made a world of a difference.
she is already so missed, but i'm STOKED for her new adventures as a new mama in a new city.
love you, jamie!

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  1. I think the fact that you both sent each other an email at the same time is super romantic! Cute baby shower!!!


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