food, inc.

mike covered his eyes and ears, "la-la-la, i don't want to know!"
alas, after hearing and watching bits & pieces of "food, inc." numerous times, i finally sat down watched the entire documentary via youtube.
it's fascinating.
disturbing at times,
but it's disturbing whether you watch or not.
honestly, yah, it sucks to hear, but it is so nice to not turn a blind eye.
i encourage you to at least watch the first and last minutes...
as mentioned previously, we've been "flexitarian" for a while, but i think i'm  officially done buying meat.
and i'm going to be much more cautious as to the other products i buy. sure, i spent $7 for cage free, organic eggs (at costco nontheless), opposed to $3... but it's about baby steps, right?
throw stones if you will, but every little bit helps!
i now feel much more enlightened:)


  1. oh my gosh, i soo have been thinking about this... since i went raw in june i have had a completely different view of meat, it disturbs me... while i am not 100% raw right now, i can say that i havent had meat in forever.

  2. hooray! I am glad I am not the only one! I stopped eating and buying meat and have also been learning more about living as a vegan. In fact, I have been Vegan for four whole days :) Not sure I will be for every day of my entire life but it is about progress not perfection :)

  3. Totally singing my same song girly!! The government is killing us with our own food little by little...


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