"wha-wha-wha, WAAS DAAAHHT???"

lately, elle gets so excited she stutters.
it's quite funny.
she yells, "wha-wha-wha, WAAS DAHHT?" a dozen times a day.
she gets particularly overjoyed when it comes to anything pool-related.
today we met mike on his first lunch break since, like, march,
& walked across the street to the gateway fountains.
i think this one will take a little getting used to- she was kind of taken back by the mass chaos of a beautiful, sunny summer day- meaning mass chaos made up of many many large(r than her) children!
and water that rudely shoots up her nostrils. 
nonetheless, i have high hopes for this place!
p.s.- don't i look like a victim of domestic abuse? why are my legs covered in bruises? i've taken up running (i loathe running. i'm trying to force myself to learn to run more than 12 feet)- but that doesn't explain the bruising. oh, and my arm. i managed to actually shut my forearm in my flat iron. it's pretty sick. bubbled & blistered, and shaped JUST like a flat iron smashed the top & bottom of my arm!
talent, i know.
this morning we went into her room and elle looked just like this. pretty proud that she can strip down.
yesterday after her nap i went in and she was like this.
she'd somehow gotten out a swim diaper and put it on.
hint, hint, maybe?
oh, yes, and this is elle before bed.
running mostly naked, wearing only a shirt & pool floatie.
her bestie, the blanket, always by her side.

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  1. Hey! So I've actually been getting random bruises lately after I work out as well. Either your workout is too intense (my problem) or you lack iron. Hope that helps a little!


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