we need a yard.

it's finally pretty outside!
summer is coming, i can feel it...
i wish so badly for a little green space!
a little garden.
a little place for elle to run free, somewhat unaccompanied (a fence would be in place, of course).
oh well.
above (and somewhat unrelated): we were on our way to church when elle ran to get her "jesus book!" um, how cute is that?
 back to the "we need a yard"-ness, elle sits on the doorstep and stares.
just stares.
i'm terrified she'll plumit down our cement stairs, but this is the closest thing we have to fresh air.
so i watch her as she watches the blue sky.
doesn't she just look so helpless?!
happy weekend!


  1. Okay so i LOVE Elle's black/white/pink outfit she's wearing in the top pic! So stylin' just like her momma!

  2. She's so stinkin' cute! She is getting really blonde! Am I right?
    Hope to see you guys this summer! Good luck on the house sale! Crossing my fingers you get that yard sometime soon! :)

  3. Our backyard is your backyard! You can use it anytime. The gate's always open. Although I know that defeats your purpose of letting her out while you have things to do in the house. But, how Covey would LOVE looking out the window and seeing visitors out back!


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