oahu, day 2.

day 2 was spent on the north shore-
 first, a trip to the laie temple!
i love that we can see the bountiful temple from our house, but it takes a trip across the ocean to actually go to the temple!
one of my besties from high school lives w/ her cute family in laie, so we paid them a visit!
i asked if i could snap a few family photos- aren't they a gorgeous bunch!?

 fruit stands are one of the best parts of the north shore! nothing beats this stuff:)
fresh coconut is incredible- it reminds me nothing of that nasty bagged pulp you buy at the grocery store!
add some papaya & apple bananas, and we were off!
 if we had a way to keep it cold, i'd buy a dozen ziplocks-o-fruit!
 no visit is complete w/out a stop at matsumoto!
 so... i flung off some shaved ice so i could get to the ice cream (best part!), & the famous chickens came running over to help themselves. crazy chickens!
after the north shore, we went back down to waikiki for more bumming around on the beach & window shopping into the night!


  1. So fun Manda! Now I'll know exactly what to do when we go someday! =) You should really have your own travel show probably.

  2. Your pictures are uh-mazing! I'm in love with all of them. I'm soooo glad you had a great time together. Now that you've read my post this morning, I hope you are understanding in us not getting together :) It was a little crazy with everything that was going on. These kids keep us on our toes (literally) that's for sure.



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