oahu, day 1.

we're back from a most magnificent couples retreat!
mikey & i were gone for 9 days... 3+ were spent traveling, but we were away from our mini for a loooong time. we are so so so thankful she had an awesome vacay w/ her grandma & grandpa k., and she couldn't have cared less that we were gone. we skyped, making the distance not so great (for us. not her, clearly)!
today? back to reality!

i have at least 1,000 pictures & i promise not to post them all.
for my sanity, and so i don't get too depressed, i'll post a day or two at a time...
ready, set, go!

oahu was our first stop. our rental car was a stellar elentra- it was "new" last time we were in hawaii 2 years ago. now? it was a hunk of junk. it rattled, shook, and moaned. it had roller windows, and power-nothing! since we knew we'd be out & about, i picked a budget hotel- for the price, it was great! bare bones, but a great location! we love these silly adventures; i plan trips for work, and live to plan trips for us, too! it's such a game for me.

now, our first full day:
 thanks to the time change, we were up eeearly. we made our way to diamond head for a sunrise hike. it was really pretty, & really fun, too! adjusting to the humidity while climbing 4.9 trillion stairs was a great adventure...
 next stop, bogarts. i love this place! we haven't been back since our first trip in 2007. they make insanely delish banana waffles! dining outside is one of my favorite things to do. win-win!
 we've never been to hanauma bay, but mike's a snorkel-junkie, so we decided to give it a visit! everyone raves about this place!
we were so disappointed.
we didn't think it was worth the $17 admission + parking. i doubt we'll be back.
shallow water... not tons of fish... we've had much better luck elsewhere!
at least it photographs well:)
we stayed a couple hours, & then moved on!
we always jump. i'm not sure why- we just do:)
 did i mention we were efficient? hike, breakfast, & 2 hours of snorkeling...
all done by 10am:)
this was the looooongest day (not in a bad way, we were just ready for bed by noon)!
a beautiful drive up the coast...
 we went back to waikiki & beach-bummed around,
then spent the evening doing a little shopping...
& eating!
 mike's definition of vacation is anytime he gets a drink with dinner- a total petersen splurge!
 my definition of a good meal is a basket of bread (on the outside patio of course!:)
oh, cheesecake factory- we love you.
he filled up on drink. me on bread. so we shared an appetizer for dinner, & tried something new for dessert...
now, i'm normally a linda's fudge cake girl, but this was a yummy change! chocolate truffle cake i think it was called?
it was heaven.
there was a little australian baby seated behind us. mike played w/ her the whole meal! every baby reminded us of our sweetie! then the babies would cry & we'd look at each other & smile... :) yay for couples retreats!
what a great first day.

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