maui, day 5.

sick of me yet?
well, i'm sick of uploading on blogger! :)
(*memories, amanda, you're uploading memories... it's worth it:)...*) 
 this was our "resort-only" day- we spent all waking time at the pool, in the ocean, or laying out.
we applied sunscreen at least a dozen times.
not enough (as you'll soon see)!
we snorkled lots- mike was in heaven!
this picture makes me laugh hysterically.

i stepped on a sea turtle.
that was weird.
 i got up early (surprise) & walked around the resort w/ my camera in hand (surprise, again)!


the pool was so lovely! gigantic. lazy. warm. perfect!
big-time waterslide.
next we headed to lahaina for what we heard (via trip advisor) was the best shaved ice ever!
we walked front street 3 times before realizing we'd missed the little sign for the little shop, hidden in a little alcove.
long line... but so worth the wait!
 slowly, the sunburn pain set in...
 back at the hotel we took off our sunglasses & gasped at each other.
oh, sun... you've hurt us so!
 don't mind our partial nudity.
 pictures don't do justice.
i have photographic evidence of mike's leprosy yesterday- if you have a strong stomach let me know & i'll show you the repercussions of this sunburn:)
 after dinner we went on a sunset drive...

 we found some amazing secluded spots including a hidden beach or two...
 can you believe these cliffs?
 we ran into 2 other couples this night- they looked at us, "are you from utah?" :) are we that obvious!? they were on a friends couples retreat. they grew up in utah... anyway, we had a fun chat.
the trip is slowly coming to an end!...


  1. Oh man!! This day looked perfect!! Last time we went to Maui we stayed at the westin right next to the place you stayed! Love that beach!! Your pics are beautiful!!

    Do you have the new blogger post editor? It let's you upload a TON of pics at once instead of just 5 at a time!

  2. I'm not sick of you yet! I love reading about your trip even if I'm doing it with complete envy. :)

    It looks like so much fun and you are always looking so trendy and gorgeous Amanda! Seriously who has legs like that?!

  3. beautiful photos, guys! Beautiful people make for some great photographs. How is it you've managed to go to Hawaii twice as well as traveled the world? So great! Good for you.


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