maui, day 4.

the hotel grounds were so beautiful! next time we go to maui & spend all our time here!
greenery + sand + ocean teal + the blue umbrellas made for the most beautiful color palate, don't you think?
kaanapali beach here on black rock was such a perfect spot to sit. sleep. stare. anything, really:)
we met up w/ ryan & his wife, gift, in a little town outside the iao valley. we had lunch at a quaint little bake shop. this business was right next door- how great is it that there are still people who call themselves "bookkeepers?" :) ryan is a great friend from hign school, and someone who has randomly lived in many places at the same time as me! ohio, florida... california for a tiny time, & he has been our hawaii tourguide on oahu, & now on maui! 
the iao needle.
gift & ryan.
cooling off in the stream. trying not to fall on my face.
like normal.
this crazy family was jumping from the main bridge into the shaaaaaallllow water below. we waited like 10 minutes for this kiddo to jump. he never did. talk about peer pressure- his family was calling him 'chicken!' classy. when we first saw him, no one was around... then a crowd started forming! some hawaiian's are... well, they live a very different lifestyle than we do:)
outside the grand wailea.
ryan & gift took us to big beach w/ a plan to boogie board...
um. these waves? unreal. they were more pipeline-on-the-north-shore-ish than they were tourist waves! bless pale, old, tourists who think they can brave the water... the lifeguards were just standing in the water, literally waiting for someone to drown:) that's a sign you shouldn't be in the water.
speaking of pale tourists! we need some color. it's been 4.5 days- where's our tan?

ryan & mike went in the water for... a fraction of a set of waves. and soon, came running/dragging out of there with their eyes the size of dinner plates:)
oh, and yes: scratch the boogie boarding idea.
on the drive back to lahaina, mike decided he wanted sugar cane. so we pulled over. why not?
mike's reaction to the sugar cane:)
since we went out to lunch, we had a fancy petersen picnic on our lanai: cup-o-noodles (carried in our suitcase from utah), bread & cheese, & a fresh papaya! for those who always ask- this is how we save mucho dinero. we eat out very seldom, & when we do eat out we share. always. it makes such a big difference! and it's super fun:)

headed down to the sand to watch the sunset... & nightly torch lighting & cliff dive ritual (below).

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