lions & tigers & bears- oh, my! (but really, only pictures of the petersens.)

 we decided saturday was a perfect afternoon for a visit to the zoo... apparently the same thought was in every other family's mind in the salt lake valley! either way, we were stoked. we managed to have perfect timing- it was right at noon when the sun was out, but there was a cool breeze. the car said 64. hello, perfect!
this weekend we had the heat on, a/c on, heat on, a/c on... you get the point. weather in general? pathetic.
 i adored listening to elle, "wha is dis?"
then she would recite the animal sound to match.
elephant, tiger, monkey, lemur (let's be honest, we told her it was a monkey), birds, chickens (what the?? why are there chickens at the zoo?), rhinos & giraffes (do they make sounds?).
oh, and she says, "hi!" and waves with her cute little hands.
ah! melt my heart.
 oh! and the carousel! elle was so confused, but had a great time. she applauded when the ride ended, then cried when she realized that meant we had to leave.
i can't believe how big she's getting. i know, i say that all the time, but it's just crazy! seriously.
see? isn't she huge?
as she walked around (like a rapper, yes, i know. she was having pantage troubles),
i remembered how tiny she seemed last summer when we went for mikey's birthday...
& then i realized i never posted pictures!
what's up with that? not sure.

ahem, elle's first trip to the zoo, august 2010:
opposed to saturday, this day in august was h.o.t.
HOT. hot. HOT, hot. notice our moist faces. hot!


  1. Wow, Elle's hair really has gotten long!!! Weston still has not made his first trip to the zoo... parent fail? Probably.

  2. That looks like so much fun! I'm def going to have to take Drake!


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