a few more moments.

i once heard a wise someone somewhere say that the best camera is the one with you all the time.
cheers, wise person!
as much as i adore my camera-cameras, nothing replaces the camera on my phone!
it's so darn handy.
i love catching little moments of my sweeties...
^in tremonton with family on sunday;
elle rolling around the doctors office, laughing at me because i was laughing at her as she made me laugh (got it?)
^blowing her daddy kisses after their lunch date;
remember how she cleans everything? elle pulled her cute cousin kennedy into her web- here they are last weekend cleaning windows with wipes
^i've loved that in the last 2 weeks we've been able to go outside twice! twice. that is more vitamin D exposure than we have had in 5 months combined! the snow still baffles her. she just stared at it. wishing it away like her mama does i'm sure;
valentines. oh, my valentine! mikey made us (YES, made us. good thing no boys read this) these valentines. they're big. and glittery. and perfect. elle's has puppies and pom-poms. she's in love. i'm pretty sure i'll frame and hang them one day when we have a spare wall...

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  1. can elle give Luke some of the cleaning bug? You are one lucky mama.

    I too am sooo grateful for camera phones and snap and shoot stuff- cause let's be honest, who wants to carry around a 50 pound camera everywhere (slight exaggeration might have been used there).


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