daily randoms.

my phone is my best friend (electronically, of course! i'm not that vain. well, she's my best friend other than my real camera, of course...hmm...). my phone takes most of my pictures, although the photos don't end up here, they usually just end up on elle's private little blog & in our family scrapbook. here are some from the last weeks that make me laugh. this is what we find ourselves doing in our "normal" days together...
^ lunch dates with daddy while i workout; 
all that handy manny is paying off! these two are pretty snazzy when it comes to fixing up around the house. don't tell anyone: elle was running with a screwdriver.
v cooking & cleaning... i'm much better at the latter. yes, elle is vacuuming. quite thoroughly. moving shoes & all in her way. that's my kind of girl;
eating & making cookies at the same time- also my kind of girl

 ^ mikey & my date night last weekend- our first "real" dinner & a movie after 6PM in... well... years. should i admit that? we ate in the darkest corner of biaggis. we shared a pizza and spent less on dinner than the movie next door. what's up with that? we'll stick to redbox. either way, we had a great time laughing & laughing & laughing & laughing... & freezing in the cold;
family date day earlier this month- our big roadtrip all the way down to... provo.
v the only 2 days elle has run this whole winter. it's been bitter. and she's getting bitter. this kid is SICK of being cooped up inside! spring, oh spring, where art thou?

 ^ finding elle has stripped down during her nap. just like the olden days;
at the golf store w/ daddy. um, how cute is she? yah, i know. i'm "that" mom.
v i call this last one "things i find in the evenings:" elle's doll's creepy hand (remember? baby ruth? of course you do! it's the last post). hand? don't tell me you love me. it was staring at me. really. this is what i saw begging with it's persuasive, firm, plastic little paws, "FREE ME!!!";
much sweeter of a find than a creepy hand? reading time+fort time+daddy time.
the end.


  1. random photos are the B.E.S.T

    I love the dolly arm sticking out of the oven. Makes me smile from ear to ear. Love their little personalities.

    oh, and you are sooo brave to let her help you cook. I wouldn't even attempt that right now in my life.

  2. Cute post! I didn't know you had a separate blog for Elle! Can I be invited? robhunsaker@gmail.com

  3. Confession: I [secretly] wish I was your neighbor so I could play with you guys all the time! Although since Weston and Elle are related, we can't arrange their marriage, but they could be best friends! When it's spring let's plan the following things:
    2-- Play date so our kiddos can run outside.


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