walk with me, won't you?

first... i've been working on our 2010 blurb book for months now.
i used to make shutterfly books, but i take too many pictures, so i'm trying something new.
shutterfly simply cannot contain the beast that is "amanda's pictures."
anyone made a blurb book before? 
anyone want to guess how long the "petersen's in 2010" book is?
let me tell you: 403 pages.
soon to be 400 so i can save $5.
i'm working on it.
i couldn't help but look though the pictures in an old computer file as i prepped our book.
this is the part where you join me down memory lane.
& laugh!
oh, memories. good times.
walk with me...
 living in logan.
 hawaii '07.
 new years... 2008? actually i can't remember what year this was... we had a super fun dinner party w/ friends though!
 um, are you dying?
maybe it's just me. HELLO?!
we look 12! this was our first Christmas married ('05).
our first anniversary
 we went ziplining in cancun. this picture makes me laugh because i completely forgot to brake... and slammed into a tree (wrapped in pool floaties for "cushion"), soon after this was taken. HA!
 the fantastic disney trip of '08 (?)- other than i had TERRIBLE vertigo and was sick for weeks afterwards... awesome memories though! i wish i appreciated that we COULD take almost 2 weeks off & play in florida & beyond...

  oh yes, pirate night on the cruise ship. arrrrrr.
 i was apparently very excited about our first home... can you tell?
a business trip to vegas in... ohmygosh every year blurs together! when was this? it was a few years ago.

the point is, even though mike & my friends & family of yore were always so sick of the millions of photos i wanted to take... i'm so thankful for my life-long addiction to pictures. so many memories would be forgotten.
this also helps me rationalize the concept of a making a photo book that is 400 pages long...


  1. YES! I have been working on Blurb books for the last 3 months, dividing the blog into years and then adding events/pictures that didn't get blogged. It is a huge project but a lot of fun to look at the memories. I have had a little trouble with Booksmart shutting down randomly and losing work, so I've got into the habit of saving every page I do. Anyway, good luck!

  2. Wow!! that is a big book! Can you tell me more about it? do you leave the text out and just plug in photos? Email me if you don't mind. :)

  3. Ha. Funny. I'm actually working on a Blurb book right now. Our family scrapbook.

    I've used Blurb before once, a while back I made a book of Wellington pictures. I really like them.

    I currently have three book projects going.

    I'm excited about the scrapbook I did 50 pages in a day and a half. I'm taking a little break now from it, because I keep ignoring my kids.


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