Seriously, the insanity of life never ceases to amaze me! So... we're moving! Salt Lake here we come! Mike had the opportunity to transfer to Beneficial's corporate office downtown, and we found out yesterday he had the job, and we have to be there for him to start on Wednesday! Wednesday. That means we're moving Tuesday. Can I tell you how overwhelmed I am? Our life has been absolutely insane lately! We've been down 5 days in a row apartment hunting (we went down a day or two early, anticipating change... we could feel it!), and although we had a place lined up at the Gateway, we bailed today and found a new place at the last second (literally, in an hour we found, signed the papers, and set up our final moving plans) that could guarantee we'd be in Tuesday morning. It's right downtown, and we're super excited about downtown city life!

That's our life. I'm exhausted. More later...


{we were in a hurry early this morning on our way to salt lake, but even through the bitter cold, we couldn't get over how amazingly beautiful it was outside! pretty, foggy mornings make the cold a little more tolerable... at least until the pretty frost melts! there were so many gorgeous things to see, but these are the only photos i snapped outside our apartment! brr!! it made me want some cocoa & a blanket! *click the image to see the snowflakes up close! miraculous i tell you! snowflakes! so simple and stunning...}


{Farewell to the Barkers!}

They're gone! Nate & Bianca are finally off to Washington where Nate's starting work for the State-- and Mike & I will be suffering from severe depression now that they're gone! Seriously, we see each other at least once a day, and have for like... a year. We've known this was coming since August, but it's really happened now! Plus, helping them pack and clean made us depressed... we don't know if we want to leave, or never move again. So much work! We know you're reading this, so get blogging! NOW! And call us. We miss you.
Aspen Court won't be the same without you & all our crazy antics!
Good luck & happy travels to you! Adios!


{Saying Farewell}

I know we're not nearly the first to write about the death of the President of our Church, Gordon B. Hinckley a week ago today, but I couldn't help but add some thoughts and public appreciation for a man who was a near perfect example of how to be. I don't think I've ever regretted something as much as not attending the funeral yesterday. Literally, I'm kicking myself, I'm so unbelievably upset! For most of my childhood, and all of my teenage and adult life thus far, I have looked and listened as best I could to heed his words, knowing from whom they came. It did not matter who you were, he had the most incredible love, compassion, humility, grace and passion for life than any other man I had ever seen. In 2004, I was able to be there in person to hear probably the most touching words, ever. He gave the most beautiful talk regarding his sweet wife who had just passed away- in that talk, he taught me what a marriage can be, what respect and admiration are, and ever since that moment, I have known what to strive for {you can click here to view that talk}.

It is not that I'm at all sad for him- I know he's more than joyous to be at rest now, and to be reunited with his wife, family, and all those who have gone before him. More than anything, I'm super emotional reflecting on what a life he lived- the people he touched, and how much better of a person I can be. I could go on and on and on about him, but no matter what I say it will end with the same words: a deeply heartfelt "Thank you."

Tributes to President Hinckley**

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