{Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!}

We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year (I know, for like the 50th time... but you can only do this once a year!). Can't believe it's almost 2008! I was going to post pictures from Christmas in Ohio, but I'm too lazy. And there's not many. We were in Ohio for a week and a half- just got back late last night (aka- early this morning) to a very white valley! We had a lovely time w/ my family and friends in Ohio, even though we were all sick pretty much the whole time. Still sick. Hence why there really aren't pictures! Spent everyday since Christmas eve relaxing, resting & recouping from feeling like poo. We did have lots of fun playing games and watching tons of movies (thanks mom & dad)! I love this time of year- except for all the coughing, puking and germs floating around! Lysol is my friend.

We hope everyones holiday was wonderful! Happy New Year! Here's to heath & happiness!


{Roadtrip to Arbon}

We went to Idaho today with Mike's mom, Pam, to see her sister Helen & their farm. We all know, I'm no farm girl! Definitely more of a city person... the drive was hours through nothing, but when we got to their house I totally fell in love with their animals! These are some of their gorgeous horses. Pictures do NO JUSTICE! They're the biggest things I've ever seen! They were so amazingly gentle and playful and friendly- they let us come right up and pet them! Totally left loving the place:) Aren't they so pretty!?



He made it! He made it! We're DONE! College life over? Hard to believe. I've been here 5 1/2 years now, and Mike was a single and free freshman when we met... where have the years gone!? When you're in college and poor- well, that's ok because you're in college- now we'll be losers when we say we're poor because technically we're out in the real world now! We're so excited to move on, but like usual, scared of change- we've been used to this so long! We love Logan & USU though, and are so happy to not pay tuition anymore or deal with annoying classes! See ya "Huntsman" College of Business! Well, congrats baby, I love you!!! Happy commencement:) PS= it was so fun to see lots of friends at the ceremony too! Good for you guys, USU class of '07:)


{Celebrating the season!}

*The Mo Tab Christmas Concert, lights @ temple square & dinner downtown @ Olive Garden!

secret Santa w/ the Barkers; Ward Christmas Party


{O Christmas Tree!}

Lots, huh!? Poor Natasha (that's our tree), she's not strong enough to hold up to 3 years of abuse from us! We love her though, she's a trooper! The wreath was one of my bday presents- I love it!


We're going green!

or... something like that:) we're going to try this whole blogging thing, since the days of myspace are getting annoying, and we want to be able to still post pictures (i'm still obsessed) and stay in touch. we're new (green. get it?) at this whole thing... so be patient! speaking of green- Happy Holidays everyone!
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